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Mahotsukai Kenshin

Head Magister

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User Name- maho_ken

Your Name- brainfaded

Character Name- Mahotsukai Kenshin

Character Age- 1216 years old

Character Sex- Male

Character Title- Head Magister (Mahotsukai), First Counselor

Character Informal Titles- Maho-Pa

Character Race/Species- Human

Character Magic Level- 5

Character Magic Type- Both (Element/spirit)

Character Fighting Style-

Character Occupation- Sorcerer

Character Class- Noble

Character Education- Extensive. After living well over a thousand years, he knows a thing or two.

Character Personality- Kenshin is generally well-liked. He tends to come across as everybody’s grandfather. He is a bit of a grouch in his old age, but anyone who can get past that tends to find him a generally friendly guy. He is very down to earth most of the time, and he tends to have a subtle humor, but it’s not unusual to hear him tell an incredibly blunt joke, and then find him laughing harder than anyone else in the room. He also thinks he can tell stories. He’s wrong about that.

Character History- Born about a dozen centuries ago, Kenshin has seen much. He was raised to the age of twelve by his biological parents, but when his powers developed, he was sent to a school for wizards. He excelled at the head of all his classes and it didn’t take long for him to be marked as a high level wizard. It soon became clear that he was not only a powerful wizard, but a fifth level sorcerer, and he left the school with staff in hand. Over time, his family passed away, and he watched the world evolve. In his fifth century, he became intimately involved in the civil war in his home by protecting the civilians from the magical weapons wielded by the elite. He was hailed by the government as a terrorist and traitor, and when the group of refugees fled, led by Devohn and following a vision by the seer Dominic, Kenshin joined them. Again, he used his power to protect the people during the journey, and soon became good friends with Devohn himself. When they reached Alreon, Devohn himself hailed Kenshin as Mahotsukai, and hired him as First Counselor. Over time, people tended to assume that the name of Kenshin was passed from Mahotsukai to successor, and Kenshin himself encouraged this belief. As First Counselor, he advised all of the previous rulers of Alreon, though not all of them listened to him. And so when Reginold Devohn decided to ignore his advice and try to take over the world, and had already corrupted his son with thoughts of power, Kenshin turned his attention to Reginold Devohn 16th’s first born child, a daughter named Ellesandra. He raised her as her father was abroad, working on his “expansion policy”, and when the king inevitably died in battle, Ellesandra, successor to the throne, was ready to rule for the better of the people.

Character Family- His immediate family died over a thousand years ago. His extended family can be traced pretty far, but no one has ever bothered. He is considered by many people to fit a grandfather role.

Character Goals- To help restore the kingdom to its former glory.

Character Fears- When you’ve lived over a thousand years, there’s not too much that frightens you.

Character Likes- Kenshin likes money, wine, women, and the sound of his own voice.

Character Dislikes- He really doesn’t like spinach.

Introductory Paragraph- Mahotsukai Kenshin is the Head Magister and First Counselor of the Country of Alreon. He is also a fifth level sorcerer, one of the few in existence. With that said, he is a grouchy old man that likes the sound of his own voice.

Quote- “That reminds me of a story...”

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