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Mahotsukai Kenshin

Head Magister

10/14/05 01:14 pm - lj info

For anyone unfamiliar with live journal, these are the instructions for how to join.
First you need to get a live journal account, it's free, go here, and click create at bottom of page. http://www.livejournal.com/ Follow the directions, it's all pretty self explanatory. Once thats done, copy this application to word, and answer the questions about your character. I just copied it for you to save you an extra step. Just erase Analyn's info and put info for your Char instead. If you need help deciding on a charactor, check out the guidelines here- http://www.livejournal.com/community/pixie_press/622.html This basicly tells you what kinds of people live in Alreon. You can be someone who lives at the court, or just someone who lives in the town. Any questions just email me (grmrsan@comcast.net). When you get it done, just e-mail me with this info, and we'll get you in the system.

User Name-

Your Name-


Character Name-

Annalyn Pol

Character Age-


Character Sex-


Character Title (if any, must be approved)

Lady Annalyn, Counselor Pol, Queens Dagger- (this one isn’t widely advertised)

Character Race/Species –

half human/half elven

Character Appearance-

Annalyn is about 5’2” with a sleight build. Her long red/brown hair is extremely curly, and falls almost all the way down her back. In her capacity as a council person, or when officially in court she wears whatever styles are currently fashionable, preferring bright colorful dresses or robes. Her hair is usually either worn down, with ornate barrettes, or done up in a fashionable style. In her other, less official, capacity as spy or Dagger, she wears whatever is necessary to blend in and not be noticed, and will make it easiest to move around. Her long hair is braided or twisted up into a tight bun to keep it out of her way, and she usually has several knives and daggers hidden in various areas on her clothing. She also has a special carry-all magic bag of soft pliable leather. it tends to camouflage itself, matching whatever she’s wearing to make it and her, seem less conspicuous.

Character Magic Level (0-5)


Character Magic Type (may also include psychic abilities)-

mostly healing, she is also very attuned to several semi- sentient species, and natural earth magic

Character Fighting Style-

Whatever is necessary, she is a highly trained assassin, and is familiar with pretty much everything. She is also extremely adaptable and can switch from one style to another with ease. She has had some training in earth magic, but prefers to use blades or hand to hand when in a fight. What she really prefers though is not to actually have to fight at all, and will use whatever means necessary to either avoid bloodshed altogether, or at least minimize it as much as possible.

Character Occupation (i.e., guard, thief, thug, bum, etc.)-

As the Queens closest companion, she is known to have the Queens ear, and is a top member of the Queens council. She also serves as a spy, a diplomat, or in whatever other capacity is needed.

Character Class (Noble, Royal, Peasant, etc.)-

Definitely a noblewoman. She is the Queens cousin.

Character Education-

Very highly trained, alongside of Queen. Also trained as assassin and bodyguard.

Character Personality-

Annalyn is very inteligent and resourceful. She has a strong sense of humor, and can find something funny about any situation. She tends to refer to herself as the Queens sense of humor, since Ellesandra is way too serious for her own good. Although extremely capable, and efficient when working, when she’s not, she tends to be mischievous and intentionally a bit silly.

Character History-

Annalyn was raised in court alongside the Queen Ellesandra. They are extremely close, and Annalyn will do pretty much anything to keep the Queens reign running smoothly. When she was 10 her armsmaster noticed her agility, and how quickly she learned, and recommended that she begin special training as a Dagger, which is a special unit assigned to the royal family for protection and “special services”. She did very well and when the queen assumed the throne, requested Annalyn as Queens Dagger, a position which she takes very seriously.

Character Family-

Annalyn’s mother, Leanna is the former Kings pampered little sister. She is a very kind gentle person and loves her daughter and niece Elle very much, raising both girls as sisters, and often offering motherly advice when she perceives it necessary. Her father Darek is an elven prince, who fell in love with Leanna on a diplomatic visit. the usual romance ensued, and the two married and lived pretty happily ever after. Darek accepted a post as permanent diplomat to Alreon, and he and Leanna live in a set of rooms in the palace.

Character Goals-

Annalyns’s goals include keeping the queen safe, and helping provide her with whatever she needs in order to effectivly run the kingdom. She also wants to perfect her fighting and tracking skills, and learn how to belly dance.

Character Fears-

She is afraid of boredom, looking stupid, obnoxious suitors, spoiled whining children, dancing with ogres, and sourkraut.

Character Likes-

Having fun, sweets, spring rains, animals, weapons work, foiling plots, saving the day, belly dancing, and good looking guys.

Dislikes- anything on the fear list, idiots, people who abuse thier power, summer heat, being too cold, spoiled ill mannered children, pets, or adults, braggarts, black pudding, having to hurt people.

I have read and agree to all live Journal and Sorrial/Alreon terms of usage and or agreement.

8/14/05 11:34 am - Magical Items

Magical Items
Magical Items are items that have been enchanted with powerful magic. Any character may have magical items, but some items have limits and/or levels. A magic level 2 character cannot use a magic level 3 item. If the item is not leveled, anyone can use it. Items can be bought and sold or stolen, as in real life.

Limited Items- Each character can at any one time use only three of these items.

Magic Crystals (Not Including Wizard Staffs)- http://www.livejournal.com/users/maho_ken/1230.html#comments

Crystal Jewelry- Be creative: Diamond amulets, Ruby rings, etc.

Wizard Staff- Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches, and other magic-users above level 3 receive these powerful staffs upon completion of training. Staff contains each kind of crystal, to enable the trained user to use many crystal spells at once. The non-trained user wouldn’t know how to use it, but it might be fun to watch them try.

Non-limited Items- Any character can use and have as many as they want of these items.

Bags- So useful that nearly everyone has them! A cross between pet and purse. Virtually unlimited storage space. Can be trained to follow their masters anywhere! Available in legged, roller, and NEW levitating styles! (Bags do not come pre-trained; consult owner’s manual for instructions on training... if you can find the manual.)

Cell Phone Magic Mirror- Call friends and family when you’re not around! Free roaming and long-distance. Text-messaging charges apply.

Crystal Ball PC- With the Pensive Crystal by Crystal Ball Inc., you can magically write documents, play games, create spreadsheets, check your Ethereal-mail (E-mail for short), or access the World-Wide Spider Web. For just a little extra you can add on the printer/scanner from Imp Industries (makers of Imager Cameras and Software) where tiny people inside the machine copy, scan, and paint your documents. (Don’t forget to feed them!)

Imager Camera- Never forget important moments with the Imp Industries Imager! Have tiny people paint your most important memories with this hand-held camera. (Paint, paper, and tiny paint brushes sold separately.)

8/13/05 11:36 am - Spells and Magical Items

The following is a list of all available spells, the ingredients needed (if any), and how to perform them. If the spell is not on here, it cannot be used.


Next is a list of all available magical Items. If the item is not on here, it cannot be used.


To request a new spell or Magical Item, e-mail Head Magister Mahotsukai Kenshin with the request at...

DISCLAIMER: This is not real magic. I do not know real magic. Do not ask me for real magic. I will not put real magic on this site. Do not ask. Do not try these spells and expect any kind of result. I have made most of them up myself. THEY ARE PRETEND.

8/13/05 11:31 am - Spells

To use a spell, the character must be at least the magic level of the spell, or it will not work, and may backfire. Levels indicate talent, not skill. Skill is attained through learning, either during or prior to the game. Not everybody has perfect aim, and sometimes it's more realistic if characters screw up. There are two types of spells, elemental, and spiritual. Level 0 magic cannot perform spells.
Non-ingredient spells
Teleportation- Say incantation with right hand in the air, while concentrating on the destination. Creates a doorway from one place to the other. Anything that can fit through the door can go through.-level 4
Element Magic-Earth, Fire, Water, air,
level 1- control of one element.
level 2- control of two elements.
level 3- control of three elements, OR one element with ability for level 2 spirit spells.
level 4- control of four elements, OR two elements with ability for level 3 spirit spells.
level 5- control of four elements, OR two elements with ability for level 5 spirit spells.
For the sake of simplicity, characters can control the subject of their element (making wind, moving rock, parting the red sea, etc.), but be aware that you only use yours. For instance, while air elementals can create wind, they can't make rain or lightning, so air alone can't create a storm.
Crystal Spells-To unleash the power of any given crystal, hold the crystal in the left hand and focus the power with the right.

Primary Healing Spell (Amethyst)- Place right hand over wound and say the incantation.
level 1- heals very minor cuts and bruises.
level 2- heals deep cuts and cures simple illness.
level 3- heals broken bones and scars and cures complex illness.

Transformation spell (Amethyst)- Say the incantation while picturing the transformation.
level 3- Transforms oneself into any shape or color.
level 4- Transforms others (animal or object, not characters).

Clairvoyance spell (Clear Quartz)- say the incantation and think about the time, place, person, or thing one wants to see.
level 2- See any place (unless protected)
level 4- See any place and time (unless protected)

Memory Alteration Spell (Ruby)- Say the incantation, then describe the new memory. (Memories are buried, not lost, and can reemerge in dreams, or by accident or magic. ).
level 4- Alter or erase memories (mod and character permission required).

Magical protection (Sapphire)- Say the incantation while pointing to the object being protected (including self), then say what spell it's protecting against. (limit one protection per stone at a time)
level 1- protects against level 1 spells.
level 2- protects against level 2 spells and minor physical damage.
level 3- protects against level 3 spells and major physical damage.
level 4- protects against level 4 spells.

Invisibility (Diamond)- Say the incantation with one's right hand on what's being turned invisible (lasts two hours).
level 1- Turns small, non-living objects invisible.
level 2- Turns small living objects invisible.
level 3- turns humans (including self) invisible.

Levitation (Hematite)- Say the incantation while aiming the right hand at the object being levitated (including self).
level 2- levitates small objects (about 20 lbs.)
level 3- levitates person- size objects (about 200 lbs.)
level 4- levitates large objects (about 2000 lbs.)

Mind control (Pearl)- Say the incantation while focusing on the person being controlled, then give instructions.
level 4- can control anyone not protected. (Mod and character permission required)
Crystals-Crystals are used for many spells and have properties unique to each one. Merely having the crystal means nothing, one must know how to use it.

Power of Crystals:
Rock Crystal-clairvoyance
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